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The eBIZ Reference Architecture

The Reference Architecture is a report (click here to see the REFERENCE ARCHITECTURE) and a set of specifications that outline an open framework for interoperability of different data-exchange-systems used by suppliers, manufacturers and retailers of the Textile/Clothing and Footwear (TCF) industries.

eBIZ-TCF architecture is:

  • 1. a synthesys of the pre-existing technological results, achieved by many previous European experiences
  • 2. addressed to the electronic data exchanges (for examples orders or sales reports) between the companies of the supply chain
  • 3. based on ICT technologies (XML and others) for a direct and automatic data exchange between the IT sytems of the firms
  • 4. able to support firms of any size in the fashion industry (from SMEs to large coprorations) in order to bring to practice the eBusiness paradigms

The structure of the Reference Architecture

The Reference Architecture is structured as

  • REPORT, main document (2009 edition , 2013 edition for discussion)
  • Appendixes with more details about implementation (2009 edition , 2013 edition for discussion)
  • set of online resources (guides, XML Schemas, examples, etc.), (2009 edition, 2013 edition for discussion)

The report includes specifications on business processes, data model, product classificationa and identification, and on the communication middleware. In particular special attention has been paid to the definition of compliance with the Architecture and to the compliance with GS1 data models and identification system.

The first release was published at the end of December 2009 and represented the final lay out of eBIZ-TCF activities, it took in account all final comments and improvements proposed by the eBIZ pilots that were running in the final year of the eBIZ-TCF project.
Presently there is the second version, Reference Architecture 2.0, that is published by CEN WS eBIZ after its approval end June 2013 as CEN CWA 16667 (about how to participate the discussion click here).

 The domain of the architecture according to eBIZ-TCF /moda-ml/images/ebiz-architecture-overview.JPG
The domain of the architecture according to eBIZ-TCF

The relationship with GS1 standards

More info by clicking here
Position of GS1 on eBIZ-TCF at the European Conference of February 2010, here.

Note for Moda-ML users

The Moda-ML 2008-1 version is fully compliant with the upstream (manufacturing networks) of the eBIZ-TCF Reference Architecture 1.0, while Moda-ML 2013-1 is fully compliant with eBIZ-TCF Reference Architecture 2.0. eBIZ-TCF adds support to the Footwear industry (SHOENET) and for the data exchange with the retail organisations (based on UBL) for both Textile-Clothing and Footwear. See a management level summary 'From Moda-ML to eBIZ-TCF'.

Validation of conformance

To validate instances of electronic documents (upstream or downstream) an official on-line Validator has been published (click here for more info).

The great novelty in respect of Moda-ML are the eBIZ-TCF specifications for RETAIL

Finally with eBIZ a standardised specification is available for Textile Clothing and Footwear towards RETAIL organisations.
The specification is common for Textile-Clothing and Footwear and is based on a profile of use of the UBL standard. more info on the architecture for downstream

The results and the requirements from eBIZ-TCF has become, in turn, part of the requirements for the UBL 2.1 version: more info here .


WEB - eBIZ reference Architecture 2.0 ftp://ftp.cen.eu/CEN/Sectors/List/ICT/Workshops/eBIZ_CWA.pdf
Reference Architecture 2.0 for eBusiness harmonisation in Textile/Clothing and Footwear sectors, CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) CWA 16667, July 2013
DOC - eBIZ-TCF 2009 architecture, explanation notes (slides) DI511-046
Slides: The eBIZ Reference Architecure, Explanatory notes about the 2010 version of the reference architecture, English language (ex DI511-020) (vnd.ms-powerpoint, 2810880 bytes, v1, 21/12/2012)
DOC - Paper about the eBIZ-TCF architecture (preprint) di510-005
Paper presented at eChallenges in stockholm, 2008 (pdf, 89088 bytes, v1, 21/9/2010)
DOC - Reference Architecture Report (with Annexes) OF510-010
Architecture Report for eBusiness harmonisation in Textile/Clothing and Footwear sectors D3.5 - Final Report (December 2009).
Zipped PDF versions (pdf, 2184621 bytes, v2, 27/1/2010)
WEB - Official validator for eBIZ-TCF documents
Official on-line Validator for eBIZ-TCF documents: upstream Textile-Clothing (Moda-ML), upstream Footwear (Shoenet) and downstream (UBL eBIZ-TCF Use Profile).
Allows to check conformance of a document towards eBIZ-TCF specifications.

Contents developed for the eBIZ-TCF project






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