Harmonising e-Business processes and data exchanges for SMEs in the textile/clothing and footwear sectors in the Single Market

eBIZ is a permanent initiative started by the eBIZ-TCF project (www.ebiz-tcf.eu).

Project eBIZ-TCF was a 2-year cooperation project launched in January 2008 until June 2010 by the European Commission to boost e-business processes in the Textile/Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Industries.

After eBIZ-TCF project, a standardisation initiative, CEN WS eBIZ (here more info), was launched in 2012 with the aim to consolidate, update and diffuse the adoption of eBIZ and its Reference Architecture.

About eBIZ-TCF project (2008-2010):

The ratio of eBIZ: a single e-language for the supply chain of the European Textile, Clothing & Footwear industries.

In an increasingly complex and fast-changing trade/economic environment, the fashion and footwear industries requires fast time-to-market reaction.

Standards and agreed reference architectures allow suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to connect their businesses within the value chain. Despite lot of initiatives in the fashion industry, standardisation and widespread adoption by users, were still lacking until eBIZ-TCF.
eBIZ-TCF creates synergyes between the specifications of Moda-ML (Textile clothing manufacturers), Shoenet (Footwear manufacturers) and UBL (retail for clothing and footwear).

Project Consortium

The eBIZ-TCF project consortium was made up by the 3 key partners(EURATEX, CEC, ENEA) authors of the project proposal and, responsible vis-à-vis the EC for the correct project implementation.

The great novelty are the eBIZ-TCF specifications for RETAIL

Finally with eBIZ a standardised specification is available for Textile Clothing and Footwear towards RETAIL organisations.
The specification is common for Textile-Clothing and Footwear and is based on a profile of use of the UBL standard. more info on the architecture


After the conclusion of the eBIZ-TCF project, the eBIZ initiative is continued and leaded by EURATEX with the contribution of ENEA.

The eBIZ-TCF project was been supported under the umbrella initiative eBSN of DG Enterprise and Industry, and CIP that is the financing scheme.

 http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/ict/ebsn/index_en.htm  http://ec.europa.eu/cip/

eBIZ PRESENTATION (brochure, Italian only)

 www.ebiz-tcf.eu/ /spring2/erogatore.asp?p=-1&l=0&d=http://www.ebiz-tcf.eu/&xc=moda-ml-contatori&xd=/moda-ml/


DOC - Brochure on eBIZ addressed to manufacturing enterprises (Italian) di511-055
Brochure on eBIZ addressed to manufacturing enterprises, by CROSS-TEC, published on February 2013 (pdf, 4416360 bytes, v1, 27/2/2013)di511-055
DOC - eBIZ-TCF 2010 architecture, explanation notes (slides) DI511-046
Slides: The eBIZ Reference Architecure, Explanatory notes about the 2010 version of the reference architecture, English language (ex DI511-020) (vnd.ms-powerpoint, 2810880 bytes, v1, 21/12/2012)
DOC - eBIZ-TCF, a short presentation of eBIZ (slides) DI510-008
Presentation of eBIZ at Utrecht, 8/9-december-2008, eBIF Interoperability conference. (pdf, 353188 bytes, v1, 16/12/2008)
DOC - Up to date presentation of eBIZ-TCFC DI510-076
Presentazione di eBiz-TCF all'evento ItalMed di Napoli del 19 di ottobre 2011 da Gianluca D'Agosta (vnd.ms-powerpoint, 3430400 bytes, v1, 22/10/2011)
WEB - CECMAdeShoe project http://www.cec-made-shoe.com
Project related to eBIZ-TCF.
WEB - Moda-ML project http://www.moda-ml.org
Project related to eBIZ-TCF.
WEB - SHOENET project http://www.shoenet.info
Project related to eBIZ-TCF.
WEB - TexWeave project http://www.texweave.org
Project related to eBIZ-TCF.
WEB - Video on eBusiness interoperability
A video about eBusiness harmonisation and interoperability in textile clothing and footwear and published on YouTube and on eBIZ-TCF web site. YouTube
WEB - Video on eBusiness interoperability, Italian subtitles.
A video about eBusiness harmonisation and interoperability in textile clothing and footwear and published on YouTube and on eBIZ-TCF web site. YouTube
DOC - eBIZ flyer (2 pages) DI510-036
eBIZ-TCF flyer (2 pages) (pdf, 153749 bytes, v1, 11/5/2010)
WEB - www.ebiz-tcf.eu
Official web site of the eBIZ-TCF project.

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