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ENEN++ Winter School in Bologna "Nuclear Waste Safety and Management" for MSc Students in Nuclear
ENEA Bologna

The school is organized in the framework of ENEN2Plus Project by ENEA Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) and will host experts by Quintessa dealing with the practical session (https://www.quintessa.org/)

Session-1 (day 1): Radiation Protection and Safety in the Nuclear Field.
Participants will learn about radiation types, effects, and shielding. They will explore norms, safety standards, and licensing processes. Environmental protection, emergency preparedness, and ethical considerations are emphasized. Overall, they will gain comprehensive knowledge to ensure a safer and sustainable nuclear industry.

Session 2 (day 2): Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Management.
Participants will learn the nuclear fuel cycle stages, including uranium mining, fuel fabrication, reactor utilization, and waste management, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire process. They will understand various types of nuclear waste and their hazards and conditioning treatment methods like vitrification and encapsulation for safe storage and disposal. Participants gain knowledge for responsible and secure nuclear waste management.

Session 3 (day 3): Temporary Storage and Final Disposal of Nuclear Waste.
Participants will learn about temporary storage facilities and safety considerations for holding radioactive waste. They explore the concept of near surface and deep geological repositories for permanent disposal, emphasizing isolation and the multi-barrier concept. The session covers international best practices, regulations, and ethical aspects. Participants gain insights into public engagement and transparent decision-making.

Training session (day 4-5): Comprehensive Post-Closure Safety Assessment, Compartment Modeling for Radioactive Waste Disposal and AMBER code hands-on.
Participants will learn about post-closure safety assessment of a radioactive waste disposal site and the compartment modeling approach using the AMBER code. Participants will learn the concept of a 'safety case,' including planning, managing, and radioactive waste and the disposal system, and also the compartment modeling methodology, applied to nuclear waste, repository, geosphere, and biosphere. Participants will have hands-on experience using the AMBER code
to assess post-closure safety, exploring scenarios, model equations, and parameter uncertainties.
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