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Fast characterization of compounds and components of explosives
Authors Fast characterization of compounds and components of explosives  Year 2022
Pubblication type Paper International Journal with referee
Abstract Finding markers to detect and identify compounds and components related to an explosive is an important task that could reduce threats of unlawful uses of explosives. The capability of Raman spectroscopy to characterize chemical composition of explosive compounds and the analysis of stable isotope ratios could be useful to identify specific markers to identify the origin of the material used. Using Raman spectrometer directly on-site after the accident scene could be a useful tool for an immediate characterization of the components. In addition, carbon and nitrogen analysis on some fragments collected on the accident scene will then confirm the characterization of the components. The proposed configuration of double technique, coupled with a digital database and algorithms, could be useful to run analysis, with fast response time, in work environment related to emergency situations.
Reference The European Physical Journal Plus (2022), 137, 269.
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Research unit NUFOC
LastUpdate 27/01/2023
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4.2 Isotopic Traceability of products Isotopic techniques for checking product's origin

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