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Preliminary analysis of gaseous radiocarbon behavior in a geological repository hosted in salt rock
Authors R. Levizzari, B. Ferrucci, A. Luce  Year 2018
Pubblication type Paper International Journal with referee
Abstract A preliminary evaluation of gaseous radiocarbon ( ¹⁴ C) behavior under geological repository conditions for Italian radioactive high level waste-long-lived and intermediate level waste disposal has been performed. Although in Italy there is still no defined project for a geological disposal facility, current work may support future safety assessment studies for a hypothetical future repository in deep salt rock. In the Italian context of radioactive waste, the percentage of ¹⁴ C bearing waste to be disposed in a possible geological repository is low; irradiated graphite is the most important radiological source. Data about the radiological inventory has been collected to simulate production and migration of gaseous ¹⁴ C in a hypothetical geological repository. Three different conceptual models have been developed and simulated. The first model has considered a preliminary evaluation of the radiological impact referred to the whole inventory; the second and third model have evaluated the impact only due to the irradiated graphite. A preliminary sensitivity analysis has been carried out, highlighting the importance of geometry and of distribution coefficients (K d ) in materials used to seal the disposal underground facility. Results show the possibility to correlate the K d values, the volume and the location of the sealing materials to the amount of ¹⁴ C migrating toward the surface.
Reference Radiocabron, 60(6) (2018) 1897-1910.
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Research unit RADEC
Keywords Geological repository, radioactive waste, radiocarbon, salt rock.
LastUpdate 05/01/2022
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