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Carbon and nitrogen content in soil, plant and hop pick up in the north of Italy
Authors Rizzo A, Telloli C, Aquilano A, Pepi S, Marrocchino E  Year 2021
Pubblication type Paper International Conference with referee
Abstract The geographically/geologically sensitive parameters such as trace element composition are of significant relevance in order to characterize and identify the origin of a given food product, in accordance with national legislation and international standards. Consequently, the determination and measure-ment of multi-element concentrations in selected regional products may pro-vide compositional fingerprint for characterizing their geographical origin. Analytical chemistry played an important role in traceability for all products in the food market. Hop is an important agricultural product for the economy of Italy and of all the Mediterranean area, but it has undergone major altera-tions in quality in recent years. This research provides supplementary infor-mation to the discrimination of geographical origin of hop collected in north-ern Italy and analyzed by an Elementar combustor for the characterization of carbon and nitrogen content, probably related to the massive use of fertilizer.
Reference MedGU - 1st Mediterranean Geosciences Union (Springer), Istanbul (Turchia)
Research unit TRAC
Keywords Geochemistry; Traceability; Carbon content; Nitrogen content.
LastUpdate 10/01/2022
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