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Abstract English (optional): Paper eChallenges 2010.

Nicola Gessa, Arianna Brutti, Valentina Cerminara, Piero De Sabbata, Angelo Frascella, Cristiano Novelli, "An environment for a powerful business document schema profiling", in proceedings of e-Challenges 2010”, conference, Warsaw, Poland, October 27-29 2010, edited by IIMC, International Information Management Corporation LTD, Dublin, Ireland, ISBN 978-1-905824-20-5.

Abstract: In this paper we discuss some aspects in business document customisation, and we present a suite of applications, the Document Customisation Suite, that can help the final users of a business standard in its adoption. This work starts from our studies and experiences on setting up business collaborations among Small and Medium Enterprises (that have specific exigency and characteristics) and from various activities performed in the context of the European project. It bases on the peculiarities of existing business standards and schema languages for document template definition. The paper is moreover strictly related with a set of initiatives for the definition of an open framework that supports the adoption of common specifications for business collaboration setting up. The context of this work is the definition of common frameworks to enhance the interoperability of enterprise systems in performing business transactions and collaborations.
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